Business / Strategy Consultant

Job description

What are we looking for?

The selected person will work with colleagues in the team to help to develop the consulting business.

The ideal candidate will be someone who excels finding out of the box solutions in challenging assignments in an international context.

It is anticipated that this person will deal with the following tasks:

· Delivering technical inputs on a wide range of assignments as required. These may be home-based or overseas. The candidate should, therefore, be prepared to travel for periods of between one and three weeks. This will be individually and as part of interdisciplinary teams;

· Managing projects and leading relevant tasks within a project, including supervising the work of others. In doing so, ensuring consultancy projects are delivered to the high standards expected by Aninver and our clients (World Bank, African Development Bank; IFC, …)

· Dealing with the client, partners, subcontractors (individual and corporate)

· Leading and contributing to the preparation of high-quality expressions of interest and proposals for multilateral and bilateral clients;

· Contributing to the team’s records of experience and marketing materials;

· Developing home-based and overseas business activities

· Project management, including financial and technical reporting.


Aninver has the following requirements for the position:

· The ability to work with and communicate with various project and team members is essential.

· English is a must (90% of our work is international with the focus being in Africa). Other languages are desirable.

· The candidate will have between 3 and 10 years of experience.

· The candidate will have a background in development-related projects and experience working in emerging countries.

· Education in one of our fields of work will be valued: infrastructure, climate change, PPPs, tourism, energy and development.